Variables overview

What are variables?

Variables are reusable pieces of data that can be referenced in Solution, Question, Custom and Component texts throughout the Web App and visible to the enduser in the Widget or used to auto-answer questions on behalf of the user.

It is a placeholder for information that the bot will know about each end-user for personalised experience.

Types of variables

We distinguish 2 types of variables - Context variables and User variables that are different in the way they are integrated and secured.

- Context variables User variables
Use case 👥Information that is not necessarily related to the identity of a single user. 👩Information is about a single user and is related to the user identity. This usually implies that it is about sensitive data.
Security 🔓None 🔒Encoded via jwt
Integration effrot 📉Low 📈Medium
Variable value Injected from the frontend with a function in Solvemate Integration script Fetched from jwt protected user data API (provided by Solvemate customer)
Availability Available now (From the Professional plan and up) Coming soon! (From the Customer 360 plan and up)
Examples language selected, full or partial URL email address, last order Id, full name, customer number

The main difference for both types of variables is level of Security and how the value of the variable is set.

After the configuration there is no difference of where/how both types of variables are used in the Web App and their behaviour during chatflow.

Usage in chatflow

After either Context variable or User variable is set up, it is globally available throughout Workspace.

Text input Availability
Solution description
Solution title
Question description
Question title
Question Custom button text
Question choices
Component description
Component title
Component Custom button text
Component Confirmation question button text
Routine code
Custom texts
Form drop-down choices
Pre-fill form fields Coming soon!
Auto-answer conditions of questions Coming soon!