Improve chatbot performance

How to improve your chatbot performance

You went live with your chatbot recently, but you’re looking for ideas to improve it, so it can deflect even more support tickets? Look no further, we have some ideas for you.

Automate more

Identify the requests that currently need human interaction but that could be automated via connecting your chatbot to your other digital systems. It can be checking the delivery status of an order, resending an invoice, modifying a booking, you name it!

Once you’ve identified those requests, you can use our Personalisation function functionality and connect your system to your chatbot via API. With this feature, even highly personalised requests can be automated.


Improve the user channelling

Your chatbot needs to be added to all pages where your customers are looking for support (support section, contact section, help page, …) and on all channels where your customers are (mobile app, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp…)

You should also make sure that your chatbot is the first point of contact for users looking for support: by removing the phone and support email from your website, you can ensure that your users will interact with the chatbot before contacting you.

If you’re noticing that many people have your phone number or email address saved and contact you directly, you should consider adding a link to your chatbot in your auto-email replies or have your IVR mention your chatbot while customers wait on the phone to talk to an agent.


Update your chatbot content

We recommend that you check the feedback left by users interacting with your chatbot on a weekly basis. This way you will be able to find what content is missing from your chatbot, is not accurate anymore, what solution needs to be explained better, etc,…

We recommend that you monitor what support requests are still coming in but could be handled by the chatbot instead.

If you realise that users keep contacting you for questions that are already covered by the chatbot, it might be because the different paths and categories are not clear enough. You should then consider reworking your chatbot structure, and to move the solutions into different categories.


Extend your chatbot coverage

Consider adding content into your chatbot to cover additional target groups or additional parts of your product. You may have started your chatbot implementation with only one target group, but after a few weeks you can add further solutions addressing other target groups’ requests.

Once you’re satisfied with your chatbot in one language, you can duplicate your chatbot and translate it into another language to help even more users.

Conduct user testing

User testing is the best way to find out where your users get stuck, how they interact with your chatbot, why some solutions are not performing.

We can support you in conducting user testing on your chatbot, get in touch with your dedicated CSM manager.