Solvemate Dashboard & KPIs

Solvemate Dashboard & KPIs

Our dashboard contains all key KPIs and data to analyze and evaluate the performance of your Bot. This is the basis of making informed decisions about its continuous optimization.

Conversations started

When the end-user answers the first question in the bot, a conversation is started.

Conversation started

Solutions displayed

This measures the total amount of solutions that were shown to the users in a given timeframe.

➡️ Your plan limitation is based on this KPI.

Solution displayed

Self-Service Rate

Measures the % of end-users that did not reach out to your support (neither via form, livechat or phone) after a solution was proposed to them. The higher this KPI is, the better.

➡️ On average, Solvemate customers have a self service rate of 70%.

SSR calculation

Verification Rate

Measures the % of end-users that verified if a solution was “helpful”/👍 or “not helpful” 👎.

➡️ It’s normal if your verification rate is below 50%, as many users tend to not leave any feedback.

Verification rate

Solutions verified as correct

Measure the % of solutions verified correctly by the users 👍.

➡️ The goal is to reach at least 60% of verified correct answers.

Verified correct

Solutions verified as incorrect

Measure the % of solutions verified incorrectly by the users 👎.

Verified incorrect

Time to Solution

Measures the average time that it took to the end-users to reach a solution after having started a conversation.

Widget loaded

Measures how many times the pages with the bot integrated were loaded.

Widget loaded

Widget opened

Measures how many times the beacon was clicked on and opened.

➡️ If you’re using the modal or the inline integration, then this KPI would be equal to widget loaded.

Widget opened

The Conversation Funnel

The Conversation Funnel visualizes the totals and % of specific events. All data points relate to the previous one respectively.

Conversation funnel


Customer satisfaction score or CSAT measures the % of 😀 and 😍 customer feedback among all feedback given after a solution was proposed.

➡️ ️The goal is to reach at least 70% CSAT.

CSAT calculation

Intended handover

These are all handovers that resulted out of a handover that is connected to a solution.

Intended handover

Unintended handover

These are all handovers that happened after a customer clicked 👎 for the given solution.

➡️ Those handovers are the ones you chose as Fallback options in the components tab.

Unintended handover