Zendesk Sunshine Setup

Zendesk Sunshine

Here you will learn how to set up Zendesk Sunshine as a new channel and how you can configure agent handovers.

1. Configure Channel

It’s very simple to connect your Solvemate Chatbot with Zendesk Sunshine:

  1. Login to the Solvemate Web App and go to Admin -> Channels -> Zendesk Sunshine
  2. Click on “Assign App”
  3. Follow the OAuth flow

Now your Chatbot is active on all of your social channels. It will take over all conversations and offer the same experience as on any other channel.

2. Configure Handover

If you want to enable agent handovers on your Chatbot, you need create a handover component:

  1. Go to Admin -> Integrations
  2. Click on “Add new integration” and select “Zendesk Sunshine”
  3. Enter a title of your choice

Now the integration between Solvemate and Zendesk is configured.

To create the component

  1. Go to your Workspace and select “Components”
  2. Click “Add new component” and choose the integration that you created previously
  3. Configure the details like the message that is shown on handover
  4. Activate “Fallback” if you want to offer the handover whenever a user isn’t happy with the bot solution
  5. Save your configuration

To offer handovers as part of a solution, you need to assign the component to the according solutions. Don’t forget to publish your changes once you’re done with the configuration.